New Listing : 201-9025 Highland Court, Burnaby

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We just listed 201-9025 Highland Court, Burnaby.

Large windows surround the open-plan interior, allowing abundant natural light to shine through the entire space

The Highland House is the second of many notable projects developed in SFU by renowned Liberty Homes. The building, which was completed in 2013, houses 104 residential units over 12 stories and is known for its contemporary design and unrivalled location. It is only one block from the amenities, elementary school, and SFU campus. It is one of the most sought-after buildings in the UniverCity, thanks to proactive management.



Highland House 是著名的 Liberty Homes 在 SFU 開發的許多著名項目中的第二個。該建築於 2013 年竣工,共有 104 個住宅單元,高 12 層,以其現代設計和無與倫比的地理位置而聞名。它距離便利設施、小學和 SFU 校園僅一個街區。有積極主動管理組織,它是SFU大學城最受歡迎的建築之一。



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