Commercial space nestled in the heart of vibrant Mount Pleasant, 2528 Guelph Street, Vancouver

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2528 Guelph Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 0J5.

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A visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creating a unique and immersive retail or dining experience?  Introducing 2528 Guelph Street, a fresh commercial space nestled in the heart of vibrant Mount Pleasant. Intriguing dining possibilities and immersive experiences. Contemporary exterior harmonizes effortlessly with modern establishment aesthetics. It offers comprehensive rough-ins improvements tailored for upscale restaurant startups. 

The Brief

Step into 2528 Guelph Street, an exceptional commercial space nestled in the vibrant heart of Mount Pleasant. This space is a breath of fresh innovation, inviting you to unleash your creativity and shape a retail haven unlike any other. Its versatile layout forms the perfect canvas for crafting a unique retail boutique ambiance, effortlessly blending contemporary design with a touch of local charm. The dual exposures accentuate its character, while the modern exterior’s boutique-friendly aesthetics provide a fitting introduction to the experiences that await within.

Step beyond the threshold and into an environment suffused with natural light, thanks to the open layout that beckons endless possibilities. The high ceilings create an air of grandeur, ideal for showcasing your creations in all their splendour. Moreover, the outdoor patio extends an invitation to take your retail venture to the open air, offering a serene retreat for customers to immerse themselves in your brand. But the potential here extends beyond retail – with a south-facing orientation and expansive bi-folding windows, the space effortlessly transforms into a realm of dining exploration and immersive event experiences. Its contemporary exterior seamlessly integrates with the modern aesthetics of the area, providing a captivating backdrop for your visionary endeavours.

For those dreaming of culinary ventures, this space is tailor-made for upscale restaurant startups, featuring comprehensive rough-ins that pave the way for your gastronomic aspirations. And practicality meets convenience with the inclusion of a designated parking space and a storage locker, ensuring your entrepreneurial journey is as smooth as possible. 2528 Guelph Street isn’t just a location; it’s an opportunity to create memorable experiences and leave an indelible mark on the dynamic tapestry of Mount Pleasant’s community.  With improvements designed for high-end restaurant-specific businesses. Wide glazing along Guelph Street frontage, built-in commercial kitchen ventilation rough-in, almost 14′ high ceiling with exposed concrete, and comprehensive bi-fold windows that open to lane, lane seatings & front patio. Centred close to the future Broadway Skytrain station, anchored by 70 units in the building and canopied with boutiques, eccentric cafes, restaurants, and lounges in the immediate neighbourhood. Additional 4 ft x 6 ft storage area and 1 underground parking stall are included.


The Development

Habitat emerges as a visionary endeavour born from the collaboration of three esteemed local developers, each with an impressive track record spanning over 70 collective years in the field: Porte, Fabric, and Hudson. With a legacy of excellence in crafting multi-family homes across East Vancouver and the broader lower mainland, this dynamic team’s commitment to quality is unwavering. Their profound understanding of the community’s essence drives them to forge a new standard of exceptional living with Habitat.

Rooted in the very heart of Mount Pleasant, Habitat holds particular significance for the developers, as this is not just a project location; it’s where they live, work, and thrive. Embracing the unique allure of Mount Pleasant’s lifestyle, the team is devoted to creating a space that embodies the neighborhood’s spirit, further enhancing its vibrant character. As dedicated members of this community, they eagerly anticipate the opportunity to construct a Habitat that resonates with the future, interweaving innovation and engagement.

Habitat extends its concept of home beyond individual dwellings, epitomized by its shared workspace and amenity room – a splendid extension of everyday life. Ideal for remote work, gatherings, and fostering connections, this space encapsulates the essence of communal living. Meanwhile, the embrace of the outdoors continues with private outdoor spaces for every residence and a common rooftop patio complete with BBQ facilities, dining areas, and a cozy firepit lounge. From this vantage point, residents can relish in sweeping views of the city and majestic mountains, reinforcing Habitat as a sanctuary amidst the urban landscape.

Intricately woven into Habitat’s fabric is the tapestry of culture and community. The development’s contemporary vision transcends living spaces, spilling into its commercial area, where a thoughtfully curated selection of nine shops will inject fresh character into the ever-evolving neighborhood. Moreover, Habitat breathes new life into the laneway, activating it with the creations of local makers and artisans. This fusion of innovation, heritage, and belonging ensures that Habitat is not just a place to live, but a legacy to be cherished and celebrated.


The Area

Situated within the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Mount Pleasant unfurls its charm from the encompassing stretch between Cambie Street and Clark Drive, as well as from Great Northern Way and 2nd, all the way to 16th and Kingsway. What was once a working-class neighborhood has undergone a transformative journey since the early 1990s, experiencing the currents of gentrification that have breathed new life into its core. Notably, the metamorphosis has been particularly evident around the bustling intersection of Main Street and Broadway.

The pulsating heart of Mount Pleasant is seamlessly linked to the rest of Vancouver by the Canada Line, a dynamic extension of the SkyTrain network that connects Downtown Vancouver to the vibrant corridors of Vancouver International Airport. This connection has woven convenience into the fabric of the neighborhood, making accessibility a hallmark of its modern identity.

Mount Pleasant’s reputation as an up-and-coming enclave is well-earned, especially in the tapestry of communities surrounding Vancouver’s downtown peninsula. This is a place where the momentum of growth is palpable, drawing in a mosaic of inhabitants. From first-time homeowners to enterprising young professionals, and an increasing number of families, Mount Pleasant offers a haven where diverse aspirations find their abode. This neighborhood is a testament to the harmonious convergence of the old and the new, where the echoes of the past reverberate alongside the hum of present-day endeavors.

Wander through the charismatic streets of Mount Pleasant, and you’ll be greeted by a symphony of sights and experiences that cater to every facet of modern living. Among these award-winning craft breweries flourish, such as Brassneck Brewery and 33 Acres Brewing offering liquid artistry that tantalizes the senses. Eclectic boutiques beckon with treasures waiting to be discovered, each brimming with character and uniqueness.  Mount Pleasant is a foodie’s paradise, with a wide range of dining options to suit every taste and budget. From casual eateries to upscale restaurants, there is always good dining places find something to satisfy the cravings.  But it’s not just the pastiche of established marvels that define Mount Pleasant’s allure – it’s the dynamic present and promising future. Amidst these storied streets, new and noteworthy cafes and restaurants emerge, each a testament to the evolving tastes of a community in constant motion. Osteria Savio Volpe is a classic Italian osteria, embracing rustic freshness. Handmade pasta, wood-fired grill, and local ingredients shine, accompanied by Italian wines while the Toshi Sush serves up quality Japanese sushi at affordable price .  The neighborhood pulses with an energy that encapsulates a fusion of history and modernity, where the vibrancy of the present dances in harmony with the echoes of the past.  The canvas of this neighborhood comes alive with vibrant murals that paint stories on every corner, while artisan pop-ups infuse a sense of discovery around every bend.

Mount Pleasant is an artistic haven where vibrant life and culture blend harmoniously. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a canvas where diverse hues of existence intertwine. The neighborhood is also seamlessly connected to Vancouver’s emerging multi-media and tech hub, the I2 area, home to renowned tenants like Hootsuite, Image Engine Design Inc, and the Centre for Entertainment Arts.







2528 Guelph Street, 溫哥華, BC V5T 0J5.


你是一位熱衷於創造獨特且身臨其境的零售或餐飲體驗並富有遠見的創業家嗎? 2528 Guelph Street是一個坐落在充滿活力的 Mount Pleasant 中心的全新商業空間。 有趣的用餐可能性和身臨其境的體驗。 現代外觀與現代建築美學毫不費力地協調一致。 它提供了專為高檔餐廳初創企業量身定制的全面完整方案。


走進 2528 Guelph Street的商業空間,這是一個坐落在溫哥華樂山區(Mount Pleasant)充滿活力的中心地帶的獨特商業空間。 這個空間充滿了新鮮的創新氣息,邀請您釋放您的創造力,塑造一個與眾不同的零售天堂。 其多功能的外殼佈局形成了完美的畫布,打造獨特的零售精品店氛圍,輕鬆地將現代設計與當地魅力融為一體。 位於角落而擁有雙重曝光可凸顯店面特色,而現代外觀的精品型美學則恰如其分地介紹了內部等待的體驗。

跨過門檻,進入一個充滿自然光的環境,得益於開放式佈局,有著無限可能性。 將近14呎高天花板營造出一種宏偉的氛圍。 此外,戶外露台邀請您將產品帶到露天座椅,為顧客提供一個寧靜的休息場所,讓他們沉浸在您的品牌中。 但這裡的潛力不僅僅限於零售——朝南的方向和寬敞的雙折疊窗戶,這個空間可以毫不費力地轉變為餐飲探索和沈浸式活動體驗的領域。 其現代外觀與該地區的現代美學完美融合,為您的夢想之旅提供迷人的背景。

對於那些夢想從事烹飪事業的人來說,這個空間專為高檔餐廳初創企業量身定制,擁有全面的初級設施,為您的美食夢想鋪平道路。 實用性與便利性並存,設有指定停車位和儲物櫃,確保您的創業之旅盡可能順利。 2528 Guelph Street 不僅僅是一個地點;它是一個重新定義商業、創造難忘體驗並在Mount Pleasant 區留下你生意不可磨滅印記的機會。 專為高端餐廳特定業務而設計的裝修。 Guelph Street臨街設有寬大的玻璃窗、內置商業廚房通風設施、近 14 英尺高的天花板和裸露混凝土,以及可通向巷子、巷子座位和前露台的全面雙折疊窗戶。 以未來的百老匯輕軌車站為中心,大樓內設有 70 個單元,附近遍布精品店、特別趣味咖啡館、餐廳和休息室。 還包括額外的 4 英尺 x 6 英尺存儲區和 1 個地下停車位。


Habitat 是一項富有遠見的努力,誕生於三位受人尊敬的當地開發商的合作,他們各自在該領域擁有 70 多年的令人印象深刻的業績記錄:PorteFabricHudson。 憑藉在東溫哥華和更廣闊的低陸平原地區建造多戶住宅的卓越傳統,這個充滿活力的團隊對質量的承諾堅定不移。 他們對社區本質的深刻理解促使他們在人居中心打造卓越生活的新標準。

Habitat 植根於樂山區 (Mount Pleasant) 的中心地帶,對開發商而言具有特殊意義,因為這不僅僅是一個項目所在地; 更是他們本身生活、工作、工和成長的地方。 團隊秉承樂山區(Mount Pleasant)生活方式的獨特魅力,致力於創造一個體現社區精神的空間,進一步增強其充滿活力的特色。 作為這個社區的忠實成員,他們熱切期待有機會建設一個與未來產生共鳴、將創新和參與交織在一起的棲息地。

Habitat 將其家的概念擴展到個人住宅之外,其共享工作空間和舒適室就是日常生活的精彩延伸。 該空間非常適合遠程工作、聚會和促進聯繫,體現了公共生活的精髓。 與此同時,每套住宅都設有私人戶外空間,公共屋頂露台配有燒烤設施、用餐區和舒適的壁爐休息室,讓您繼續享受戶外活動。 從這個有利位置,居民可以欣賞到城市和雄偉山脈的一覽無餘的景色,使棲息地成為城市景觀中的避難所。

文化和社區的掛毯錯綜複雜地編織在棲息地的結構中。 該開發項目的現代願景超越了居住空間,延伸至商業區,其中精心策劃的九家商店將為這個不斷發展的社區注入新鮮的特色。 此外,棲息地為巷道注入了新的活力,通過當地製造商和工匠的創作激活了它。 創新、傳統和歸屬感的融合確保人居不僅僅是一個居住的地方,而且是值得珍惜和慶祝的建築。


樂山區(Mount Pleasant) 位於加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞省溫哥華市,從甘比街(Cambie Street) 和克拉克大道(Clark Drive) 之間的環抱路段,以及從大北路(Great Northern Way) 和2 街,一直到16 街和Kingsway,都展現出其魅力。 自 20 世紀 90 年代初以來,曾經的工人階級社區經歷了一場變革之旅,經歷了中產階級化的浪潮,為其核心注入了新的活力。 值得注意的是,這種轉變在主街和百老匯繁華的交叉口周圍尤為明顯。 樂山區的心臟地帶通過加拿大線與溫哥華其他地區無縫連接,加拿大線是空中列車網絡的動態延伸,連接溫哥華市中心和溫哥華國際機場充滿活力的走廊。 這種聯繫將便利性融入了社區的結構中,使交通便利性成為其現代身份的標誌。

樂山區(Mount Pleasant) 作為新興飛地的聲譽是當之無愧的,尤其是在溫哥華市中心半島周圍的社區中。 這是一個明顯的增長勢頭,吸引了眾多居民。 從首次置業者到有進取心的年輕專業人士,以及越來越多的家庭,樂山區(Mount Pleasant) 為不同的人們提供了一個安身之所。 過去的迴聲與當今努力的嗡嗡聲一起迴響時這個社區新舊和諧融合的證明。 漫步在樂山區(Mount Pleasant) 迷人的街道上,迎接您的將是迎合現代生活方方面面的景觀和體驗交響樂。 在這些屢獲殊榮的精釀啤酒廠中,Brassneck Brewery33 Acres Brewing 等啤酒廠蓬勃發展,提供誘人感官的液體藝術。 不拘一格的精品店裡藏著等待被發現的寶藏,每間都充滿個性和獨特性。 芒特普萊森特 (Mount Pleasant) 是美食家的天堂,擁有多種餐飲選擇,可滿足各種口味和預算。 從休閒餐館到高檔餐廳,總有一些不錯的用餐場所可以滿足您的口腹之欲。 但樂山區(Mount Pleasant) 的魅力不僅僅在於模仿已成的奇蹟,還在於充滿活力的現在和充滿希望的未來。 在這些傳奇的街道中,新的、值得注意的咖啡館和餐館不斷湧現,每一個都證明了社區不斷變化的品味。 Osteria Savio Volpe 是一家經典的意大利餐廳,充滿質樸的新鮮感。 手工製作的麵食、木火燒烤和當地食材熠熠生輝,佐以意大利葡萄酒,而 Toshi Sushi 則以實惠的價格提供優質的日本壽司。 這個社區充滿了歷史與現代融合的能量,現在的活力與過去的迴聲和諧共舞。 這個社區的畫布上充滿活力的壁畫在每個角落都描繪著故事,而工匠快閃店則在每個拐角處注入了一種探索的感覺。

樂山區(Mount Pleasant) 是一個藝術天堂,充滿活力的生活與文化和諧地融為一體。 它不僅僅是一個居住的地方; 它是一幅畫布,存在的不同色調交織在一起。 該街區還與溫哥華新興的多媒體和科技中心 ​​I2 區無縫連接,這裡是 HootsuiteImage Engine Design Inc娛樂藝術中心等知名租戶的所在地。





Please note all information are approximate and based on the contract of purchase and sale and should be verified by the buyer / 請注意,所有信息均為近似值,以買賣合同為基礎,應由買方核實。