Just Sold : 9520 Capella Drive, Richmond

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THIS PROPERTIES IS NOW SOLD For Property Information

We are pleased to report that the property sold for more than the asking price of $1,798,000. With multiple offers competing at the same time. The sale price is the highest in the last 90 days (sold on August 31st, 2022, and updated in November 2022*).

This was a particularly interesting project because, from the perspective of the macro market, the market has been experiencing downward pricing pressure as a result of a steadily declining number of sales. Due to the abundance of competitors offering products in a similar price range, attracting enough qualified buyers in the first week is a challenge.. Most importantly, it was clear that the tenants had allowed the house to fall into disrepair and lack of maintenance.

We worked with the owner to find the tenant a new home, then executed an home update project efficiently that gave a new life to the property.

End Results: 




Pre-Market Condition: