Your Rights As Real Estate Consumer / 您作為房地產消費者的權利

Vancouver is one of the world's liveable cities, with amazing real estate opportunities. Before starting your journey, you need to know your rights as a consumer in real estate transactions in British Columbia. There are various forms to help you understand them.

溫哥華是世界上最宜居的城市之一,擁有豐富的房地產機會。 在開始您的旅程之前,您需要了解您作為消費者在不列顛哥倫比亞省房地產交易中的權利。 有多種文件可以幫助您理解它們。

Disclosure and Compliance for Licensed REALTORS® / 專業地產經紀的披露與合規需求:

In BC real estate, licensed professionals have a regulatory requirement to present you with crucial consumer information before providing services to you. The information includes agency relationships, collection of your personal information, and other kinds of disclosures required to make throughout the process. Most important and foremost will be the following three forms, Disclosure of representation in trading services, Privacy Notice and Consent, and FINTRAC.

  • Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services: This information explains the different relationships you can have with a real estate professional to buy, sell or lease property. Before you disclose confidential information to a real estate professional regarding a real estate transaction, you should understand what type of business relationship you have with that individual.
  • Privacy Notice and Consent: To help you sell, buy or lease real estate, REALTORS®, brokerages and real estate boards need to collect, use and disclose some of your personal information. This form provides you with information about, and obtains your consent to, such information handling practices.
  • FINTRAC – Individual Identification Information Record: An Individual Identification Information Record is required by the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. This Record must be completed by the REALTOR® member whenever they act in respect to the purchase or sale of real estate.


在 BC 房地產中,有執照的專業人士有一項監管要求,即在向您提供服務之前向您提供重要的消費者信息。 這些信息包括代理關係、您個人信息的收集以及整個過程中需要進行的其他類型的披露。 最重要和最重要的是以下三種形式,交易服務中的代表披露、隱私通知和同意以及 FINTRAC。

  • 交易服務中的陳述披露:此信息解釋了您可以與房地產專業人士建立買賣或租賃財產的不同關係。 在向房地產專業人士披露有關房地產交易的機密信息之前,您應該了解您與該人的業務關係類型。
  • 隱私聲明和同意:為了幫助您出售、購買或租賃房地產,REALTORS®、經紀公司和房地產委員會需要收集、使用和披露您些許個人信息。本表格向您提供有關此類信息處理做法信息,並徵得您同意。
  • FINTRAC – 個人身份信息記錄:《犯罪收益(洗錢)和恐怖主義融資法》要求個人身份信息記錄。 REALTOR® 會員在購買或出售房地產時必須填寫此記錄。

Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services / 交易服務中的陳述披露

Privacy Notice and Consent / 隱私聲明和同意

BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) protects British Columbians during the most important financial transactions in their lives and is the best source for consumer protection.   The updated disclosure forms can be found here

















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