New Listing : #2607 (SL294) – University District by Bluesky Properties, Surrey

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We just listed the #2607 (SL294) – University District by Bluesky Properties, Surrey

I remember looking for a home in a couple of presale projects in Vancouver Westside five years ago (in 2017) and being disappointed by the lack of amenities that match our modern lifestyle, despite the fact that they were all asking for more than $1,400 per sq. ft. While listening to presale sales representatives passionately sell the “prime location,” I kept thinking about how it didn’t really matter to me other than the fact that my infants might go to a nearby school one day. I couldn’t see myself living in those projects and continued to look for a good six (6) months. (Keep in mind that I am a real estate professional). I eventually decided to buy into a complex with excellent amenities, and the building had the right number of neighbours to share the maintenance costs. Fast forward to 2022, and the Greater Vancouver property re-development theme does not appear to be slowing down. While prices continue to rise, some developers are finally responding to consumer demands for lifestyle amenities. Bluesky Properties’ University District features over 23,000 square feet of private resort-inspired amenities with world-class features. And, this time, every home has air conditioning.

我記得五年前(2017 年)在溫哥華西區的幾個預售項目中尋找房子,但對缺乏與我們現代生活方式相匹配的設施感到失望,儘管他們都要求每平方米超過 1,400 加幣. 在聽銷售代表熱情地推銷“黃金地段”時,我一直在想,除了我的孩子有一天可能會去附近的學校這一事實之外,這對我來說並不重要。我看不到自己生活在這些項目中,我繼續尋找了六 (6) 個月的時間。 (請記住,我是一名房地產專業人士)我最終決定購買一個設施齊全的綜合體,並且該建築有適量的鄰居來分擔維護費用。 前進到 2022 年,大溫哥華房地產重建似乎並沒有放緩。在價格持續上漲的同時,一些開發商終於開始響應消費者對生活便利設施的需求。 Bluesky Properties 在素里的大學城擁有超過 23,000 平方英尺的具有世界一流的特色私人度假式設施。而且這一次,每個家庭都有空調。

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